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  • Connection Documents only needed for servers in different NNN. While in same NNN, server will connect automatically

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  • Domino passthru server

Domino 8

Domino 7


Directory Assistance


  • Basic Steps for receiving e-mails in Domino Server
    • Server Docuemnt > Basics > SMTP Listener Task: Enabled
    • Create Configuration Document
    • Config Document > Basics > Group name or Server name: enter Server/Domain
    • Config Document > Router/SMTP > Basics > SMTP used when sending messages outside of the local internet domain: Enabled
    • Config Document > Router/SMTP > Basics > Relay host for messages leaving the local internet domain: any smart host ip
    • Messaging > Domain, Create:
      • Basics
      • Type: Global Domain
      • Name: Virtual Domain
      • Role: R5-R8 Internet Domains/R4 SMTP
      • Default for Global: Yes
      • Restrictions
      • Domino domains: enter the domino domain
      • Conversions
      • Local primary Internet domain: xxxx.local
      • Alternate Internet domain aliases: publicdomain.com
  • Basic Internet e-mail domain depends on Current Server Document’s Fully qualified Internet hostname (FQDN) value. e.g. host.domain.com will allow e-mails to @domain.com. Restart the Domino Server after made changes
  • No route found to domain domain.com error for additional Domino servers
    – At the additional Domino Server, create server Document and Enable “SMTP used when sending messages outside of the local internet domain"
    – If smarthost is not used, the server will attempt to deliver the e-mail by SMTP by itself
    – Set smarthost at: Relay host for messages leaving the local internet domain
    – At the Domino smarthost, enable “Exclude these connecting hosts from anti-relay checks" to allow relay, can use [1.2.3.*] as wildcard (include brackets)

  • Procedures for renaming a Lotus Domino mail database
  • Setting up Domino to handle virtual email domains


  • By default user mailbox is not accessible by user, need to enable:
    – Editor rights
    – Delete Documents
    – Create personal/shared folders/views

  • Must login with full username instead of short names, but use Internet password