Visual Studio Links

  • Quan To’s Visual Studio 2005 Setup blog
    “Please insert the disc: Visual Studio 2005 DVD" problem:
    The workaround to get VS installed is to copy the entire VS folder to your hard drive and run setup.exe from there. Another option is to copy the DVD and burn it to another DVD and make sure the new DVD is called “DVD1″.

  • Visual Studio 2008 setup error: Unable to load sitsetup.dll
    Make sure Windows Installer 3.1 is installed
    Make sure the DVD has a disc label: DVD1
MSDN Reference
Design & Development
Application Installation and Deployment
  • MSI vs ClickOnce
    ClickOnce require .NET Framework 2.0 as minimal
    ClickOnce is per-user deployment instead of per-machine, has web-update and can control part of the program online/offline
    * Installation location is unknown! I cannot find the installed program at C:\Program Files
3rd party tools
  • dotfuscator for .NET
    Optimize and obfuscate codes to prevent reverse engineering. Community Edition included in Visual Studio 2005 Pro but not Express Edition.

  • .NET ReflectorFree class browser, explorer, analyzer and documentation viewer for .NET, also a decompiler.
    someone tested and found that this is a better decompiler

  • .NET Reflector Add-ins
  • PowerGUIA free PowerShell GUI by Quest Software
  • AnkhSVNVS.NET addin for Subversion
  • Major ADO.NET 2.0 changes
    • Bulk insert
    • Get notified when data changes
    • Execute multiple queries at once, and receive a series of results (Seems SQL Server 2005 only)
    • Asynchronous command (download sql data in background)
Visual C#
Visual Basic .NET