Wireless LAN Links


Cisco 1130AG Series
  • (not work) after boot up, try DHCP, then assign to itself in first 5 mins, then retry DHCP only
  • enter privileged EXEC mode with command: enable
  • Default login and password is: Cisco
  • Basic command to set ip
    configure terminal
    interface bvi1
    ip address [ip] [mask]
  • Aironet extension required for these features:
    • Load Balancing
    • Message Integrity Check (MIC)
    • Temporal Key Integrity Check (TKIP)
    • Repeater Mode
    • World Mode
  • 802.11a & 802.11b/g supported
  • Upto 16 SSID can be created
  • VLAN is required if need to use multiple encryption types,
    else encryption type is map to interface only

  • Reset to factory default: press and hold MODE button before reboot, then hold it for 2-3 seconds until Ethernet LED turn amber
  • POD – Packet of Disconnect
  • CAC – Call Admission Control